Thursday, February 17, 2011

What creative block looks like


Joel said...

Zero smashed glasses.

When I was at an Oingo Boingo concert, a crowd surfer knocked my glasses off. The crowd was too thick for me to find them on the ground. I tried, but I kept losing oxygen when I would submerge beneath the crowd to grope sightlessly like Velma. After the show, I scoured the floor and found my glasses. They were mangled and similar in appearance to these glasses. I really hope this project puts an end to crowd surfers.

Montgomery Q said...

Once when I was at an Oingo Boingo concert, I caught the drummer's thrown drumstick.

This story might have happened to Joel, but then he later gave me the stick, so it might as well have happened to me.

mandi said...

That story makes me laugh. Sorry, Joel.

Boy Mom said...

Do squished glasses play into the whole bullied/bullier stereotype a little? Or, maybe that's the point?

Way to blindly catch the Oingo Boingo drumstick,Joel.

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