Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Illustration Tuesday - Tadpole Meltdown

"A mutant tadpole is being mocked by the normal tadpoles, but the normal tadpoles are in for a surprise...he's got his finger on the "meltdown" button of a nuclear reactor."


Joel said...

They're gonna wish they hadn't made fun of antler-feeb

Joel's Other Sister said...

Are tadpoles very cliquish? Here's the proof. "Heh heh! We're gonna call you Rudolph! Heh heh!"

Rudolph: "Why I oughta...."

Christopher Bigelow said...

I don't think nuclear reactors ought to have a meltdown button.

Montgomery Q said...

Yeah, it seems kind of unsafe to have meltdown remote controls out there in the hands of tadpoles. But, you know it happens.

John said...

dear Paul,

I know your life is busy, and that you keep us (your readers) entertained with a veritable cornucopia of humorous posts, for that, thank you. but still, I would like to see more bad photo recreations.

your loyal fan