Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Animal Logo Wednesday - Peacock

The NBC Peacock logo was created by John J. Graham in 1956 to promote their increase in color programs. It had 11 feathers and looked extremely gay. The current version of the logo has 6 and looks awesome. Moral: Don't say in 11 feathers what you can say in 6.


Melissa said...

The original logo has me singing, "Come on get happy!"

Although I usually gravitate towards swirly anything - I'm loving B.

Montgomery Q said...

Thanks, Melissa.

I think I may have confused some people. Usually I put up two logos that I did, and people tell me which one they think is better.

I also add some little tidbit about the animal. This time I added info about the NBC logo which is not shown, so it's confusing.

Joshua F said...

I liked the moral at the end. :-)