Monday, January 28, 2013

A nice memory about each member of my family

Bruce is the oldest. He once had an argument with my dad and started walking. My dad followed about 50 steps behind. I decided I wanted to see where this was headed, so I followed my dad. They walked all over Orem High. This began a tradition I had of following Bruce whenever he went out. He would go to his girlfriends house, and I would follow him and watch them make out.

Dorth is the next one. She had a lot of lovely friends. She liked to listen to Air Supply at my cousins house in Idaho. They knew all the words, and would sing and dance along.

Dave liked to rebel against my parents wishes. I went with him to a meeting with a guy that told him all the requirements he would have to pass off in order to get his Eagle in time. After the meeting, he told me how much horse poop the Scouting program was. Later he baptized me. Sometimes he would beat me up for wearing his clothes or stealing his money or reading his letters. I didn't mind, cause I worshipped him so much.

Robin is the next one. We called her Blob. She liked to sneak out at night. I would catch her, and she would promise me Slurpees to not tell my parents. She was a good girl, though...she just liked to go visit friends. She dated a black dude named Alex. I thought he was cool. She also dated a gay dude that I thought was cool, too. The gay dude is now best buds with my mom.

Laura D is my little sister. I tormented her too much, and realized this on my mission. I still feel bad about that. I should have enjoyed her more. I like her a lot now. She's funny. Once I flipped a cowpie into her face.

My mom is nice, and I always loved her. We didnt get along too well when I was in high school, because she didn't like the girl I was dating. I didn't get why, and still kind of don't. I thought she was strict, but really she wasn't. She always did nice things for me. We get along really well now. She got me a shirt that said Paul on it which I thought was the bee's knees. I wore that thing every day until it fell off of me in shreds.

My dad, I thought was normal, but he wasn't. He makes me sad to think about now. We get along, though. I wish he was more of a dad to me and my siblings, especially his last kid. I worry when I see similarities in our behavior. Once I hit my testicles really hard on my bike, so he took me into the bathroom and dabbed some kind of salve on my weener. It helped none.

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Your mom likes lengthy squash.