Tuesday, March 04, 2014

What I did last night

See this woman? She is a poor actress. She and 5 other poor actors were in a film called Nebraska.

It's about a guy that takes his dementia-and nose-hair-ridden dad to Nebraska. Along the way, he learns things that are uninteresting about his dad. Will Forte is an acceptable actor, but it was not a really challenging role.

Several times during the movie, people say dumb things and berate other people for saying dumb things. It's like the actors themselves are angry at the writing. The experience of watching it was as painful as taking my father to Nebraska would be. It will make you angry and lose what little faith you had left in the Academy of Motion Pictures.

A retarded person thought that it deserved an Oscar, and also felt that crone up top deserved an Oscar for poorly delivering lines in an irritating way.

Then I went to bed and finished a book Joel gave me. It's called Wool.

During the first 2 chapters, I was sad and weary, because it's about people that have to climb a lot of stairs. That would be a not-good life, and I didn't want to read about that kind of world. Then it got awesome.

I highly recommend this book. I will buy the other two compilations in the series. Together, Joel and I will go and see the movie as lovers.

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Joel said...

I'm glad you liked it. How awesome is it that a guy can self-publish and get a movie deal out of it?

I've read some other self-published stuff from Amazon. Let's just say it isn't all Wool quality.