Thursday, July 17, 2014

Some designers design by not designing

Sometimes I do a reverse image search on Google to see who's copying my logos. Google does a better job than Tineye, I've found.

This logo I did a long time ago has been ripped off from my Logopond site many, many times. Usually it's something that's no big deal, like an avatar, and sometimes it's for logo appreciation sites. But sometimes it's for neat people that can't be bothered to have a logo properly designed.

I emailed this Anna, Diva Swirl, and Wig place to take them down...we'll see what happens. I also told them to contact me for great logo design at a reasonable price, but that probably won't happen, because I cost more than free. The Chinese beauty school, I didn't really care too much.

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Montgomery Q said...

All this time I had the comments go to my old HP email, which no longer works. If you want to contact me, Ive changed my contact email to montgomeryq at gmail.