Monday, July 14, 2014

Make a logo for this.

"A comprehensive DBE outreach program which is designed to facilitate interaction among MDOT-certified DBEs and Design-Build contractors, and to increase the awareness of MDOT-certified DBEs, community stakeholders, non-certified minority, female and small business owners to the opportunities available through ICC contracts.

The primary focus of the outreach efforts on the ICC Project is to encourage DBEs to attend contract-specific Informational Meetings to receive critical, time-sensitive information about the ICC, each Mainline Contract, and each Environmental and Mitigation Contract prior to its advertisement; to meet others who are working (or are interested in working) on the ICC; and to market your firm's capabilities, especially to prospective Design-Build contractors and their subcontractors, as well as to prime and subcontractors for the Environmental and Mitigation Contracts.

In addition to the Informational Meetings which occur prior to each major contract solicitation, among the outreach activities that are planned and undertaken on the ICC Project are: presentations about contract opportunities available through the ICC Project at meetings organized by various governmental entities, or by other business and community stakeholders; attendance at community-based events to describe contract and employment opportunities and other economic benefits to DBEs which will derive from participation in the ICC Project."

Oh, that's what they do. Which would be the best graphic to represent this?

a) A drawing of a DBE (Developmental Blatherm Enhancement, I think.)
b) a cute bunny
c) A designer hanging himself with his own mouse cord.

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Joel said...

Yesterday after coming home from the AFFR, I noticed a PTT in the road. I was amazed. I finished my OCS hurriedly while keeping an eye on the PTT. If no one else was going to take it, I would. I picked it up and noticed it had a HII. No wonder no one had taken it. Oh well. YOCGWSDW, I always say.