Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sometimes I am Not Cool

Sometimes I have BNI meetings. I have to stand up and talk about my business for 60 seconds, which is boring. So I tend to jazz it up. 

Today I stood up and said:
Guy comes to me and says:
“Buddy, some bungling beardless bargain-basement blowhards bamboozled my business with a barrage of boring and bizarre brandmarks.”

To which I said:
“Bypass that baloney! Business Logos brings you bundles of beautiful brands that are bound to breed bravos. Once you buy, you will behold our budget-conscious buffet of brainstormed blueprints that will bring balance and bliss, build your broken brand and as a bonus, be a bullhorn to bolster your business.”

Paul Browning. Business Logos.
Sometimes I get to order things from places that sell things to promotional companies like the one I work with.
Today I wrote this:
"Could I get a free sample of the EVX3-DRYE Visor Organizer? I like the idea of having a dry-erase board in my car to remind myself things like feeding my cat, and I think my clients would like that, too (the reminders, not feeding my cat).

 It doesn't mention a CD holder. If it does have a CD holder, does it come with CDs? If so, I'm a fan of Dave Mathews (the earlier years) and Daft Punk. 
Thank you,
Paul Browning

I hope they like me. 

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