Tuesday, June 27, 2006

One-Legged Man Part Two

Craig comes over last night to chat. We sat outside and nothing, not the setting sun, a phone call from a client, kids, NOTHING could get this man to pack up his leg and get home. The pretense of the visit was he wanted to rototill with me, but he saw my thumb and realized that wasnt happening. I think the guy really likes to rototill.

Highlights of his ramblings:
He used to go walking when he lived in Salt Lake. He would bring along a huge knife, in case of dog attacks. He DID get attacked by a dog, a rabid pit bull, and he killed it by driving his knife into the back of his head.

He went to Gold's Gym for a while, but had to stop cause of some "bowel problems" he had in the pool.

He used to sit in the sprinkler in his wheelchair in only his shorts. The neighborhood kids would dance around him.

He once saved the neighbor kid from geting run over in the street in front of my house. Because it was so hot, he got a blister from the asphalt (he doesnt wear shoes), which got infected and eventually led to his leg being amputated. The mystery is solved! But he's not blaming her, she's just a kid, he says, but he kept on saying "If only she'da stayed on the grass..."

He told the bishop he didnt want to get married again, cause he didnt want to replace him. The bishop recently got married, and then soon after was made bishop.

He had to punch his dad to get him to stop telling One-Leg's daughter to come to church.

All these gems and more were interwoven with very little coherence into a long life narrative which is a conversation with One-Leg. I've grown to cherish these moments with him, when you can say and ask anything, and it will somehow flow into a bizarre story with beautiful imagery and creativity.


La said...

EW!! Which Gold's did he have bowel problems in?!?

Oh he's is NOT good...

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