Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Dangerously Light-Minded"

It's a privilege to get reviewed, especially from a big deal like Publisher's Weekly. Their sweet review of the new Sugar Beet book gave me some hope that it could actually get some sales. And we got it in time to put in on the back cover, which is doubly awesome.

What's even awesomer is my kids.

Ask me what my son's name is, and where he got the cold cream. Oliver and All over are the answers. Remind me to have a few more kids. He's extremely cute, though.


La said...

It's funnier when it's not your own kid. I promise! :)

heidi said...

so cute.

Mom said...

Oh no - not cold cream! How did you get it out? That kid is so dang cute! Congrats on your good reviews - I'm looking forward to the book.

jaime said...

Oliver got into trouble? That is amazing - that kid is perfect. He is so innocent and happy about smearing cold cream all over the couch and carpet. It's super cute when it's not your own kid.

I'm excited to read your new book.

Montgomery Q said...

Why eat that half-full bag of swedish fish when there's delicious cold cream to eat?