Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Charles and Mary was doing it"

A while back, I took the bold stance that anyone that is unable to get out of bed because of their own weight gain should not be assisted. That's right. Not fed, not bathed, and certainly not helped out of the bed. Anyone can say "Your fat rolls hurt my eyes" but it takes a special love to say "Get your own damn Arby's".

So it is with great pleasure I present this lady who will now have to lurch her 500 lbs over to the toilet for herself. It's probably not such a good thing that the husband was doing the daughter, but I applaud his decision to NOT feed or clean this monster. He should be in jail for the incest, but all charges of neglect should be dropped.

Q: But, you agreed to love her "for better of for worse"...

A: That agreement does not encompass 24 hour care of someone that keeps eating the cheese fries even after the new door's installed.

Q: "But, we should be christlike and love those that can't help themselves and compassion and golden rule, blah, blah"

A: Wayward sons, we should love and help. Beat-up dudes by the side of the road, we should love and help. I can even see myself giving a leper some of my sandwich. Bed Jabbas are not my problem, though, and can die in their own poo.


Loud Boy said...

Long live the morbidly obese fat people and their enablers! If it weren’t for them we would not have words like “bed-jabbas”!

La said...

LIFE (is what this is)

A)gets a new door installed, with help from community

B)wants to go places, see new things, start a new life BECAUSE of that new door

C)blames new door for husband screwing step-daughter

D)better just go back to bed about that, and maybe same community will come wipe ass

Montgomery Q said...

When life hands you a new door, better slam it and go eat some nutter butters

mandi said...

mmmm nutter butters

i wish someone would do something about how fat i am

sugarbritches said...

I wash myself with a rag on a stick.

Arizona Expositor said...

And these people only want to buy airline seat? What are they thinking?

Joel said...

So what are you saying? Are you saying I'm fat? Cause it's my metabolism and my big bones, ok?!

Anonymous said...

i'm sensing you're seriously prejudiced against anyone who is fat. Was a fat person mean to you when you were young?

Mom said...

Wow - what a news story - pathetic and sad. You think if you put a trail of Ree's pieces out her new door she'd find the will to crawl out and get them? I have no sympathy for the morbidly obese. I'm with you!

My response will probably shock and sadden anonymous.

heidi said...

I tried to leave a comment earlier, but it didn't work. Now I'm trying to remember the clever things I said. Hmmmm.

You're funny. People like that make me sad. It seems like a bigger mental problem than physical.

I want to know who anonymous is...pretty ryan? is it you?

Eight Hour Lunch said...

Ever notice that none of these stories seem to come from Africa? It's hard to be morbidly obese when you're starving to death. I'll bet there are people that would kill to live with "problems" like that.