Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Getting Sunstoned

Friday I spent the day at Sunstone. I was in a panel talking about the history of the Sugar Beet, and it was a good chance to promote the new book coming out. I was a little nervous, but it went really well. I wish I had actually prepared something, though, instead of just muddling through some random thoughts in front of a hundred people.

After our lecture, I attended a few different other lectures. I enjoyed a couple, but some were so boring I just sat and analyzed every person in the room and made up elaborate fantasies about them.

Lunch with Susan, our publisher, was nice at the Trang cafe. I wish we had more vietnamese places in Utah County. We discussed promotion of the book, and where we're going after thie book is out. I hope it's successful. This has been a huge weight on my back for a long time now, getting this laid out and finding and creating just the right picture for an article. And I'm not sitting on a whole lot of extra time at this point in my life. So I hope it pays off and will be worth the effort.


heidi said...

Cafe Trang is the best. La Cai and East West Connection are also good for Vietnamese. We should all go sometime.

So how are you connected to the book? Did I miss that?

Montgomery Q said...

I did the graphics and layout of the book, and I contributed some articles.

Mom said...

Is the Mormon Tabernacle Enquirer one of the graphics you did? Very clever!

I appraised the La Cai (fast food vietnamese) it seemed like a dive (sorry Heids). I guess I should have tried the food. I did like Cafe Trang.

Paul - Refer us to your articles & the book title so we're in the know.

Montgomery Q said...

Well, you can learn more about the book by clicking on that link in the post..where it says "new book". The articles I actually wrote were few and far between. I did the movie reviews and little articles like these two:

New Caffeine Patch Announced
By LeVoy Mann

OGDEN, UT—Help may be just around the corner for the estimated one million Mormons addicted to caffeine. Robinson Consumer Products has announced that Caff-trol®, the first caffeine patch cleared for sale to consumers without a physician’s prescription, is now available throughout the Intermountain West in pharmacies, supermarkets, and other outlets.
“It’s a great day for sinners who are ready to begin taking control of their caffeine habits,” said LeBryant Perkins, Robinson Consumer Products president. “Caffeine drinkers now have a proven tool to help them quit this filthy and disgusting addiction.”
A 15-mg Caff-trol ® patch is worn each day for six weeks. Starter kits include a week’s supply of seven patches and the Caff-trol ® Pathways to Change® behavioral support system, which features the Taking Action booklet and an audiotape designed to help consumers deal with the psychological stresses of quitting. Refill kits include a one-week supply of seven 15-mg patches and a booklet titled Staying the Course.
“I quit Dr. Pepper once in 1981 when my daughter was born, but that only lasted about a week,” commented Paige Christiansen of Orem, Utah. “I quit in 1992 for two weeks using a caffeinated gum. I’ve probably quit a thousand times in between, but I’ve never made it more than 24 hours. I never hear the still, small voice in my head, and I’m sure caffeine is the reason why not. I can’t wait to get the spirit back!”

Priest Repeats Sacrament Prayer Seven Times, Breaks Ward Record
By LeVoy Mann

AMERICAN FORK, UT—During last Sunday’s
sacrament service at the East Bay Second Ward,
sixteen-year-old Sean Brown broke the longstanding record for most repeats of the sacramental prayer. A joyous cheer followed the bishop’s official approval of Brown’s seventh consecutive blessing of the bread.

“I was worried there,”Brown said, “because I was getting hoarse after about the fourth time.” Brown’s name will be inscribed on a commemorative plaque that will hang in the foyer of the Freedom Stake Center.

For more SB goodness, you'll have to wait for the book to come out.

jaime said...

Why haven't you told us about this book before now? So, are we all invited to the release party Nov. 16? That's cool paul!

heidi said...

Mom, they remodeled La Cai. It's all fancy now--it was a dive before, but the food is great.

sugarbritches said...

I LOVE the sugar beet! I am excited to read the new book - so my humor.