Thursday, August 24, 2006

Possible hepatitis = $500

Yesterday someone really smart (kristen) said that I am an impulse buyer, just because I bought a leatherman at the gas station and 2 meals at Sizzler instead of one. She can eat me, because what she doesnt realize is that I am also an impulse EARNER. I'll explain.

After work yesterday, i went over to Vox. I parked in the front next to this big mossy duck-poo-filled sludgebottomed swamplike lake that separates their property from the golf course in East Bay. I saw a big ugly fish jump. As I walked in the door, they were all gathered around the front, and they said "you got here just in time, Cheri's going to swim across that skanky swamp for 1000 bucks." Now, I'd like to see Cheri in her underwear more than probably anybody, but I needed some cash to upgrade my cell. So I said "I'll do it for 500 and I'll make it a show you won't forget"

They agreed, so I did. Cheri was not mad. She said it was her funnest day at work since she started there.

I came out of there with legs of jelly, cause I couldnt stand up anywhere, because the bottom was just sludge. And I had a huge headache. And I needed to throw up.

So as soon as I came home, I got in bed and tried to will myself healthy. Have you ever been on the verge of a huge illness and you can actually FEEL like the last half of the Two Towers movie and the war of your immune system is battling the forces of doom? I still had some penicillin from the thumb injury, so I took that, and a lot of Head-On(I applied it directly to the forehead). I was feverish, coughing, queasy, nauseous, and dizzy. I had green moss in my ears when I q-tipped them.

After 3 hours of restless sleep, I felt better, so I got on the computer and was cheered by the fact that some of my submissions to Illustrator world got accepted. I submitted 15, they accepted 6 ( I thought "I'm going to be somebody!"

I was so enlivened I invited Mandi to go walking with me. It was all rainstormy and lightning-tastic, which is how I like it, and she agreed. We got in a fight on the way, though. About whether or not I lose things. It started when I asked her if she'd seen my security badge. She's nuts. She just doesnt get that I do NOT lose things.

BTW, has anyone seen my stupid security badge? I need it to get into work.

The walk was invigorating and just what the doctor ordered. Now I feel better except the headache.


DadRand said...

You are probably feeling sick because you are out of shape. You are seriously nuts to go swimming across a putrid pool. Especially at East Bay. Kunhi's (dead animal carcasses) and the dump were all located in that area. I hope you don't die from the exposure. What did you swim in? Maybe I don't want to know.

Hey congratulations on the illustrator world designs. Tell me more.

Montgomery Q said...

It's this really cool site (to me) where all these Illustrator experts share their portfolio and tips andhave contests. I am very intimidated by thequality of their work, but I submitted some of my stuff, and it took a couple of days before I got a message saying that they approved it for the gallery. It really makes me want to improve my work.

heidi said...

Good job on illustrator world. That's cool. And good job on making people laugh and getting $500. (Unless you get seriously ill).

Gary thinks I lose things too, but I DON'T. JAMAS.

dfb said...

I used to swim naked in the pools down at East Bay. It was awesome.

Mom said...

Your illustrator pics are awesome! How are you doing? Any long term effects from the swamp?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

I really like your illustrations, logos. I especially like the people figures.

Well done! and Congratulations too!

jaime said...

I told Mandi you would have done it for $50. SUCKUZ! Pretty cool to have a famous Bro. in law. Congrats!