Friday, March 16, 2007

Passive weight losing isn't working

I got an email for a new flesh-loss product. I'll think I'll give it a try. Their website is not working, but I've replied to their email, requesting more information. I want to "worm out more". Here's what their original email said. If I get a response, I'll post it, and you can start covertly glancing as my needless kilos melt off.

Anatrim – The up-to-the-moment and most delighting flesh loss product is made available now – As seen on Oprah Do you understand that superfluous body kilograms kill more and more people around the world? We believe you hate the unsightly look of those people and the social stigmata attached to them. Or, maybe, you have not the will to withstand a siege of fatal eating habits of yours. If it all sounds familiar, then we got something for your consideration!

Here there is Anatrim, the new product for the elimination of your body’s extra weight. The greatest thing is that Anatrim raises the quality of your life, repressing your feeling of hunger and giving you better mood. Read some e-mails from our customers:

"It is wonderful! I stopped watching TV constantly and eating anything close at hand I became more interested in exercise. Anatrim placed me on the right track. I feel as fit as a fiddle now and lots of men cast their covert glances at me!"

Amelia B., Washington

"I tried some passive weight losing, but with no result. I was difficult for me to hold in my ravenous appetite. Once I was told on Anatrim my very best friend by and I rather liked the information. I had attempted using it, and my wife said to me I’m not more a weighty man now, 4 months later. 30 pounds have gone away and it is still far to an end! And you know, I’m an impetuous lover again."

Mikkey Fox, Bellevue WA

Anatrim helps your mind to realize you doesn’t have such a great need for that much food. It improves your mood, supplies you with extra energy, and attacks needless kilos. Especial thanks to its powerful comprehensive formula!!
Worm out more!


sugarbritches said...

i am going to buy this product now because i can't wait to feel fit as a fiddle have have many men cast their covert glances at me. I also can't wait to worm out more! I need to tell tom because it will be great to tell him he's not more a weighty man now and that he's a more impetuous lover. Go Anatrim - the flesh loss product i rather like information about.

DFB said...

It’s quite difficult to confess but I was a junk food addict. I greedily ate all this rubbish and was unable to stop. This suffering ceased when I started course of taking Anatrim! Holy God, my craving for food disappeared, spirits improved and I became the happiest person 24 pounds in 2.4 months. So, I can tell you now I turned to the happiest person!

DFB said...

I had problems with over-weight since a boy. It’s pretty hard to imagine how I hated being derided at school. I detested my plumpness and I abhorred myself. After trying many different remedies I learned about Anatrim. This stuff literally took me out of this terrible nightmare! Thanks and thanks to you, fellows.

DFB said...

You know what? Anatrim preserved my marriage! I went into the circle, depression – eating more – more depression. My wife had thought to leave the overweight psycho I was turning in. Once one of my friends pointed to your web page and I ordered Anatrim right away. The results I achieved were magnficent, my appetite came to normal level, I was often in good spirits, and, certainly, I went some belt holes back. And you see me, the bedroom became cool, too!

dorth said...

But do you just lose weight from your anal area? That won't stop me because I have lots to lose there, I was just wondering.

Jon said...

"Holy God, my craving for food disappeared,"

Its not blasphemous if you're explaining your flesh loss, is it?