Tuesday, March 13, 2007

They never even asked to see my impaling stick

You probably all know that I was planning on running for president in 2007. I was going to run on a mostly conservative platform, backed by the Vampire, Witches and Pagan party. But I guess they didnt take me seriously, because that position has been usurped by Jonathon "The Impaler" Sharkey. If you need to read more about him, by all means click here.

(Incidentally, who spells Jonathan with 2 o's? Robin, you didn't do this, did you? I know you have a problem with the spelling arts)

So I need you all to NOT vote for my replacement. Just enjoy his antics in the media, and then make your voice heard in the ballot vote-placement booth when I run under the Deviant Artists for Increased War Activity and Hillary Clinton Impalement Party.

1 comment:

Zak said...

Hahahaha... wow. This dude is nuts.

I liked the "feedback@logodesign.com" diddy that you did for the ambigram podcast. It was so homosexual it made me want to kiss you.