Thursday, April 12, 2007

Apparently the 3-foot latticework is not working.

This person lives by my mom. I wish they would put out one new sign a month.

Some questions that came to me:

Is the severity of their threats increased or diminished by the 10,000 dinner plates half-buried in their lawn?

What if a delivery worker is retrieving a baseball?

If I pay the $500, does that mean I can come and go into their yard as I please? Because it would be totally worth it to peruse the awesomeness that is in her yard, like: a mural of Arches National Park, boxes of books, birdbath made from appliances, etc.

If I was a minor, but I was retrieving 2 of my soliciting agents, would that mean my guardian would pay double for the soliciting aspect of me (Total: $3500)? Or would it be double for all my infringing attributes ($6000)? What if they were soliciting softballs? They need to put out a price sheet.


Sherri said...

"thier inconvieniance" Not sure how it's spelled, let's just throw in a few extra vowels.
Oh, the plates do make a lovely border for the flower beds!

Joel said...

If she says people will be charged, does that make it legitimate? I'm pretty sure that her demands would be met with
a) approval
b) cooperation
c) funds
if she confronted a trespasser. It would be interesting to know what the police actually do to trespassers. I'm under the impression that they would merely ask you to leave unless you were a repeat offender. Can you be charged for inconvieniance? The answer is yes and only yes.

Christopher Bigelow said...

I will totally go halves with you for access to this yard.