Tuesday, April 24, 2007

High Points of My Television Watching Career

TV is a valuable tool for me to help stave off the crushing bleakness, and I watch it a lot. I'm trying to watch it less. The shows I like fall into two categories. There's the retarded shows with lazy writing and horrible acting that I cannot help but be addicted to. This category would include Walker, Texas Ranger and Prison Break.

The second category are brilliant beautiful things that make me laugh and think and wonder and gurgle. Here are my favorite moments of this kind of show.

Any scene of Arrested Development with Will Arnett. I love this man, and he helped this make this show the kind of magical hilarious entertainment that inevitably must be replaced with a Fat Slob, Hot Wife and Some Kids Sitcom.

Any scene in HBO's Extras where Gervais is talking to his agent, played by his buddy, Something Merchant. Hoo boy. They announced they would call it quits after 2 seasons (with a bonus finale episode) and that just sucks.

Oh my sweet Andy. Please come back to us.

And finally, any Martin Short appearance on David Letterman will make me happy for weeks afterwards. His style is so confident and relaxed...it's a joy to watch him tell a simple story. For further proof go here and savor.


Joel said...

My favorite Arrested Development scene is when Gob walks into Michael's "Office" and asks "Have you seen the new Poof?"

Here, watch it instead of reading my description of it. It's the first 30 seconds of this clip:

The only reason Gary might think Gob was coming onto him is that Gary is gay.

Montgomery Q said...

Do you need to have the intern test out the squeak in the chair with you? I'm not sure.

mandi said...

"Wish me luck on the high note, Pappy." I agree with everything here (except Walker and Prison Break). Oh, and the crushing bleakness of our life together.

Montgomery Q said...

You are another thing that shines a light in the darkness

Sherri said...

I am a little ashamed to admit that I never watched Arrested Development. I had no idea what I was missing out on. That clip is hilarious Joel! But Mandi's right about Texas Ranger, not a fan.

Montgomery Q said...

My favorite moment of the martin short clip comes at exactly 12:42 when he says he's "doin' the deed with his lady". His face, voice and head shake combine to create the most beautiful thing in the universe.

heidi said...

30Rock has been adding joy to my life lately, but it's nothing like Arrested D.

Martin Short = ew.


I thought he was funny in the SNL days, but he just kinda gives me the heebs now.

Joel said...

You're not out of luck Sherri. You can find the Arrested Development episodes on my FTP server under "TV Shows". I urge you to watch them. I can't wait for season four!

nan said...

I do not even have a cable hooked up to my tv. Sorry, we are tv free except dvd's now and then..but, I can tell you one thing...Martin Short has been on my most favorite list since SCTV days. LOVE the man. Agree with you 110 on that one. If you haven't seen him in the early days you are missing on a litte bit of heaven...

Anonymous said...

I generally dont watch tv, actually dont have the time to watch.

Interactive Television

mandi said...

First of all, anonymous needs a REEEAALLLLYY???!

I also wanted to amend my Walker comment. It can be highly hilarious in small doses. But when Paul likes to watch entire episodes...the retardation is too highly concentrated to enjoy.

Nextly, Arrested to me is the best show in the history of the universe. Everyone must BUY IT and WATCH IT. Again and again. It really does cheer me up when I'm having a bad day. I don't think I'll ever get sick of it. But then I get depressed again when I remember it's no longer, and yet Two and a Half Weinerheads gets high ratings.

Which brings me to my lastly point - were you kidding about season four, Joel? You know it got cancelled about a year ago, right? Maybe I'm not realizing.

Joel said...

Yes, I was kidding about season 4. I realize it was canceled. It is highly unfortunate since just about everyone I know who has seen it admits it is their favorite show on TV. I didn't think I would like it much before I ever saw it because I could only think of Justin Bateman playing that horrible character Derrick on Silver Spoons. I have since repented. Justin Bateman is now among my heroes along with Will Arnett and Owen Wilson. If Owen Wilson had been on Arrested Development they never would have canceled it, I feel certain. Maybe they would have.

sugarbritches said...

Arrested Development. best show EVER. I can't even begin to tell you my favorites. I love all the Characters, especially George Michael. The humor is so funny, not stupid like most of the retardo sitcoms on now. why why wy was it cancelled? bastards.

Joel said...

I watched Extras. Here is my favorite part ever: Link

"You are aware that I am not really a wizard." I laughed until I cried. SO FUNNY!

Montgomery Q said...

Awesome clip. My absolute favorite is Patrick Stewart's scene where he descibes his new screenplay


"I've seen everything by that time"
It makes me have so much more respect for the actors that are on Extras. It shows they have a sense of humor about themselves and the business.

mandi said...

The outtakes of extras are my most favorite:


It's long, but you HAVE to watch minute 3:00 with him as the genie. My stomach has never hurt that hard from laughing so much.