Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Things I'm Sick Of

#1) Excessive photoshopping of people's eye bags until they look like mannequins. Hey, People cover designer? If you're photoshopping the wrinkles off of newborns because they look too aged, you might be overdoing it. I'll post a pic of me photoshopped to the other extreme in retaliation. Will it teach very much lessons?


#2) Interview questions for Virginia Tech students that start with "Were you" and end in "scared". I can picture the interviewer prepping for the interview..."Ok, I'm gonna nail this one...I'm gonna get to the core of it, find out all the facts....get the news out to the public...its go time!

Interviewer: Were you scared?

Student: yeah it was so surreal and freaky and he was all, bang bang, and I'm like, what?

Interviewer: When you heard the shots, were you scared?

Student: Yeah, I mean, don't get me wrong, I like, love this school, and I seen my friend jump out the window, but I was freakin'!

Interviewer: How did you feel when you saw the people being dragged to the ambulances?

Student: I was all woah!

Interviewer: And scared?


3) Clients that are dumb. I'm not posting any more of their comments, but today is a bad day for asinine client requests. Yeah, I'm sick of that.


Christopher Bigelow said...

Photoshopped, you look a little like Thomas S. Monson.

nan said...
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nan said...

yeah, but does it SCARE you when they talk about all that stuff at Virginia Tech?

Joel said...

Your photoshopped eye bags are awesome. I laughed, I shuddered, I yearned.


eric said...

I'm not sure which was worse: the photoshopped eyes or the guy behind you with the piercing-white devil eyes and evil grin. Let me think...

heidi said...

I like you more with super baggy eyes.

And I forgot to write a while ago, you are SO TALENTED at drawing! That hippo and monkey were amazing. You and Mandi should write and illustrate a children's book.

Sherri said...

It sure taught me much lessons!

GP-MP-AP said...

I was thinking how much you looked like me with those photoshopped eyes.

Bloghunter said...

Congratulations whineass. Your blog has been flagged by Bloghunter911.