Monday, June 18, 2007

Tanks For You Preference

What is it with Provo and mexican restaurants? I know it's being taken over by Mexico, but you would think they would want to eat something different now that they're in the states. Or maybe each latino family that moves there is thinking "I will start a mexican restaurant that's authentic, and the BYU students will beat a path to my door".

I went to Beto's once in SLC because I had a gun to my head, if I recall correctly (I may have just been extremely hungry). Their food and smell was as good as this sign. It is hanging on a Beto's in Provo.


Joel said...

You should try the "Gyro Gallo." Their menu is more of a "suggestions from our kitchen." Anne and I went to the one in Spanish Fork for lunch after hearing rave reviews about the place. Upon arrival we realized this place had several benefits: Sanitation; Good food; Good company; Really good food; Nice atmosphere. Put quotes around all those benefits, because they are all "virtual" benefits. We both ordered some kind of burrito that was supposed to have bacon in it. (Looking back, I suggest no one buys anything containing "bacon" from an authentic Mexican restaurant. It's apt to be more like pig entrail.) Neither of our burritos had bacon and only one of them had beans. The rest was some mish-mash of whatever they had laying around in the kitchen. Their motto, i believe, is "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit"

Montgomery Q said...

When a restaurant is open 24 hours, chances are, it's good. That means at any time they are able to make you a shrimp taco or salad or steak dinner. Which means the ingredients are likely to be a) fresh and b)good.

nan said...

Maybe I should put a sign on my door similar to this to announce the opening of my store. I think I could attract some really high end clients... What think you?

Montgomery Q said...

Nanette's Photography
We are change of name
the next weeks
• no more checks n go
• new employes
• new owner
and open noon till 7
tanks for you preference
For the photos imaging

eric said...

As I recall I was one of those present for at least one trip to the Betos in SLC on State St. And as I recall, there were flies in the salsa, the AC wasn't working, and the tacos smelled like they'd been rubbed in someone's sweaty armpit while working in the very store which begot such heated evil.

Oh, and I think it made us all sick the next day. I know I was all shredded up inside the next day. I won't go to any Betos to this day, thanks to that first and only visit.

DFB said...

You people have delicate stomachs. Beto's kicks ass.

rivynzle: (sp.) taco filling made from pig entrails.


Ok I looked and looked and for some strange reason,(perhaps the spelling & grammar) just do not seem to portray a lack of commitment to you edible experience???????hhhmmmmm could be wrong..

Zak said...

All of these "complaints" about beto's are totally unfounded. If you are looking for authentic mexican food then you have it there, it Betos. Flies in the salsa is as authentic as you can get. Trust me, I lived there for a couple years.

dorth said...

K, I heard it from a friend who has a friend that worked at Beto's that when they see a white guy and that's their free card for putting un-namely bodily fluids into their food..