Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will Work For Food

Let's cleanse the palette mentally after that last post, shall we? Here's our youngest dictating a letter to Santa to our oldest:

Dear Santa, my name is Oliver. I have been a super cute and good boy. I want...
• a pony
• Noodles that I can eat
• Candy cane that I can eat
• a toy Jerry the Mouse
• Popsicle that I can eat
• String cheese that I can eat
• PB & J sandwich that I can eat too
• basketball
• pencil to play with
• cereal

I love you,

Apparently, we don't feed him enough.

My favorite 6 minutes of 2007 was watching him enjoy the new mp3 player on Christmas morning. I havent seen him play with it since then, but his glee with a new musical toy that was TOTALLY ALL HIS OWN more than makes up for his occasional tantrums and moods. Hopefully, he'll be just as excited on his new pony.

We told him to draw himself on the letter, but he wanted to draw Santa. You can tell it's him, cause he's got a beard.


Christopher Bigelow said...

You know, there's a blood test available for mental retardation...

tiff said...

that is my kind of list.

nan said...

quit carassing your drum set and start feeding your kid.

Sherri said...

There's nothing cuter than a hungry child.

mandi said...


I know that's an inside joke and all, but you still get a crotch punch.

That boy is PERFECTION!

heidi said...

He sounds easy to please. Throw him a few snacks and he's good to go. I love the "super cute" part.


PICASSO looks just like ya Paul!

Boy Mom said...

I'm agreeing with Mandi on this one, he's pretty perfect.

Strangely my list to Santa is eerily similar.