Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Announcing Animal Logo Wednesday

I used to not be able to draw animals. People would ask me to draw something, and I would say "OK, as long as it's not an animal or a girl". (Side note: I still can't draw girls without photo reference). I remember being very young and being very frustrated not being able to get the vulture on the paper to look like the drawing in my head. Another time, my dad told me to draw a monkey hanging from a limb with the words "Hang in There!" so we could send it to my sister in Ecuador. I spent hours, and ended up with what looked like a handicapped sloth if it had been turned inside out. But the letter turned out to be pretty timely, since she was literally hanging from a tree limb over a volcano when she got the letter, and would have fallen to her death if she hadn't gotten it.

Now, since my job includes drawing every animal in every style, I feel pretty confident. For every project, I'm supposed to do 2 different ideas (the more different, the better). And a lot of people request an animal drawing in their logo, even though we try to counsel them that illustrative logos are not the most effective. But that rant is for another post.

Anyway, every Wednesday I'll post two drawings for the same project, in black and white, so you're not biased by the colors. This week's is for a car wash, and they requested a turtle on wheels. You can vote on which is your favorite. Or not. I'm not here to tell you what to do.


Joel said...

I vote for B. It reminds me of the old Reams building in Provo that was shaped like a turtle shell and which used to be a roller rink before it was changed to a Reams grocery store. They had an enormous American flag. Whenever we'd drive by as kids we'd scream "there's the turtle!" and I couldn't figure out why my mom never took me to see what was inside the turtle building.

Montgomery Q said...

Yeah, it was upside-down during the time it was a roller rink. I remember that.

mandi said...

That Reams fascinated me as a child, too. I imagined people rollerskating on the up and down hills of the turtle shell. Then inside (I got to go inside! ha!) it was huge and cavernous, and had an enormous pair of denim jeans hanging from the ceiling. These memories are kind of nightmarish.

I like both turts. Maybe B, though.

sugarbritches said...

I like them turtles. I mostly likes B cause it's got bubbles.

Pam and Rand said...

I like the bubble one best. Both cute.