Monday, July 31, 2006

Review of Lady in the Water

Friday I took Mandi to a movie called Lady in the Crappy Movie, the latest in a downward spiraling series of movies by M. Night Shyamalan. I will not contribute to his popularity by searching for the correct spelling of his name. This was a peanut log, and he ought to be ashyamed for having squeezed it onto the public's face. He takes a bedtime tale that he made up when drunk, hires some awesome actors like Paul Giamatti and Ron Howards daughter, then makes some monsters on his pc using MS Paint. Add some poo that doesnt make sense(like Frederico working out only one half of his body) and 20 days of shooting later, he's got himself another $200 million movie.

Pros: Paul Giamatti, Ron Howards daughter

Cons: every line of dialogue, and the parts where people weren't speaking, and the things that M in the Night made us watch during the talking and the nontalking parts. And the music. And the idea behind the movie.

I bet Disney is thankful they split ways with M. He got too big for his britches and left them because they had a meeting to discuss this movie, and one of the executives had to go to her kids b-day party, so he got pissed and said no more Disney partnership. I wish I had gone to a b-day party instead of seeing this movie.

The rest of the weekend was spent trying to remove this movie's taste from my head.


La said...

I'm still gonna see it.

Have you bought The Mission yet? I'm waiting so I don't have to rent it. K do.

sugarbritches said...

I haven't seen it yet and still want to only because I keep hoping you all are wrong and it IS a good movie. But you won't be. The fat in his oversized head has been gradually squeezing out his creativity over the last couple of years. He thinks he can pull a movie out of his butt like a quarter and we'll continue to worship his genious.

Rebecca said...

My favorite part was the blatant nose thumbing at movie critics. If everyone hadn't been so busy kissing Mr. M's buttocks, that would have been edited out after the first draft.