Monday, January 26, 2009

My Lady is a Year Older

How can I describe your crosswords?
My pen burns with passion
My eyes ache, hands tremble
filling in the spaces you could not accomplish.

She has updated the blog.
The anticipation is over.
And I get the full "making of mandi's blog post"
like dvd extras of an excellent movie

The phone rings, and I answer,
Eagerness washes me, but quickly
I am repentant.
I have forgotten the house rules of not answering.

Together, we laugh at a picture
and my heart soars in readiness
for soon we will create a costume
and photoshop the likeness with tears of joy

You rein me in and whip my weathered hide
"The kids cannot watch this PG-13" you cry
I argue, I fight, your resolve weakens and the the children enter
Right when the graphic sex scene begins

Her eyes, shining, bedroomy, loving
Her sculpted lips, full of excitement
Her smile, telling me
That her birthday wishes are nothing,
but tending Oliver so that she might clean or do some aerobics.

I respond in wonder
for my wishlist is long and impossible
but you correctly and reasonably respond
that we are broke, as is always the case.

But...I find a coupon for Los Hermanos....

The passion is ablaze in the two of us.
Holding her tight I kiss those
Amazing and not yet aged lips.
What a woman,
My wife!


mandi said...

Did you really get a coupon for Los Hermanos??

That was really funny and sweet. Thank you paulbrowning. I'm a little uncomfortable with the publicness of this forum, but....whatever.

This might even be better than the birthday when you sent me flowers and made the lady write on the card: Marxism was no more important than a fart, except that a fart relieves and inspires me. -Salvador Dali That was truly touching.

Love you.

By the way, I always finish my own crosswords!!! You're not dumb.

Joel said...

get a room.

Happy b-day, Mandi

heidi said...

Paul Browning is a poet.

Happy Birthday Mandi.

Boy Mom said...

Aww, what a sweet funny husband you are. I think you two are about the cutest couple heart always gets happy when I look up and catch the two of you flirting behind the piano during primary sharing time.

Happy Birthday Mandi!


Was alcohol involved.....

sugarbritches said...

I want a love poem! Tom you bastard where is my love poem?

Nate and Kelly said...

what?!? where'd that tenderness come from? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDI! oh mandi...