Monday, January 19, 2009

It was really, a chance to...go out n make memories with my kids

You may recall my previous post about getting a crisp hundie for taping an ad for an MLM. Well, I finally got the dvd.

Questions you might be asking yourself upon watching this video:

1: How gay can one man be? Can gayness be more than 100%, in essence bringing him around to the other side of the sexuality gamut, or perhaps entering a new universe of gay?

2: How sincere is the little "financial independence" nod?

3: Where do I sign up for Synergy?

I don't have the answers. Those await you once you enter the Synergy™ experience.


rachel said...

I don't think I have ever seen you so serious!! Hahaha, but it still made me laugh! I really believed that you were out making memories with your kids.

La said...

AHHHH NOOOO. Shakey-nervous-about-to-cry voice was at a minimum this time!

mandi said...

Script. Sincerity. Hair.


This will be enjoyed for years to come.

BigJason said...

Wow. Only a matter of time until you are arraigned for fraud or insincerity.

Way to take that part and make it your #&%@!!

Joel said...

HA! and again HA! YOU=that! If you don't sign me up in your distributor downline IMMEDIATELY then... you're dumb.

nan said...

Lessons learned




4.Have really bad Hair

6.Prostitute yourself for money in the name of Synergy


sexy-est taupee I have ever ever seen!!!

Montgomery Q said...

I'm aware of the hair.

Also, I noticed that, out of approximately 10 takes, they couldn't find a useable knowing smile at the end, like they kept harping on. "Can you give me a little half-smile to show how satisfied you are with your new life?"

Too sexy, I guess.

Sherri said...

They obviously know that sex sells. Or maybe hair sells.

Joel's Other Sister said...

Um, you do realize that the fact that they didn't announce that you were a paid actor could get them in some big buckets of dung with the FTC right? Probably not you. Just them. Maybe you don't care.

Boy Mom said...

Best Supporting Actor in an MLM Movie? And the nominees are...

Pam and Rand said...

I had no idea that you are now financial independent. How about buying the family a boat and a houseboat share at Lake Powell?

So that's how these things work, you pay somebody a $100 bucks and they tell a boat load of lies for you? I have been so gullible in the past. I didn't think you were gay, but I could definitely see behind that half smile you had the whole time.

Pam and Rand said...

"financially", sorry.

Sherri said...

Just watched it again. HA!!!
Thanks for the memories.