Friday, January 16, 2009

Good News for Watchers of Watchmen

Well, it looks like I won't have to go punch Rupert Murdoch in the crotch. He and his Fox cronies have finally settled with Warner Bros. over the rights to the Watchmen. This means I will be able to get the movie into my eyes in March like I've been planning on.

Q: What's the big deal?
A: It's Watchmen, the most well-conceived and executed graphic novel ever made. The complex beautiful brain-child of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. And it's Zack Snyder, director of 300. A perfect storm of awesomeness.

Q: Shouldn't people just leave awesome books alone, and not try to make movies out of them?
A: That's like saying leave sugar, milk and flour alone, and not make dulce de leche churros out of them. I'm finally going to be able to watch Dr. Manhattan build his Mars Fortress of Solitude, and the prison breakout of Rorschach on a huge screen with full Dolby Digital sound. As long as a director appreciates the material, I have no problem with them making it into moving pictures. That caveat is important, otherwise you get Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever, which was 2 stiff birds in the face of ever Batman enthusiast in the world.

Q: Should Zack Snyder make all the Frank Miller Sin CIty books into movies then?
A: Can I make this chair smell?


tiff said...

hey you need to focus on me and my up coming wedding!!!!!!! lol

my blog is now private so to get an invite email me

rachel said...

you are such a geek...

Boy Mom said...

Watchmen,isn't that the Jehovah Witnesses bible??

Joel said...

Here's what I liked about that novel: The front cover and the first several panels. That was awesome!

Sherri said...

Don't have any idea what you are talking about. and that's ok with me.