Thursday, April 11, 2013

As long as we're looking at old pics

That is a sweet ride. And a sweet moment between two lovers. That's my mom and dad going off to consummate.

On the left, that's Susan, my mom's best friend. She has large dogs.

There's my mom, looking chinese. I think my dad liked that.

There's my dad, all bright-eyed and hopeful,looking out to a whole new future of creating kids and earning useless degrees. He looks like someone on Mad Men. I want to whisper in his ear "don't go to China ever again, focus your love of that ancient land into holding down a job".

That's his mom next to him. She's all begloved and ready to go.

That disapproving man looking on from the porch was my grandpa, who I can't remember. From all reports, he was a stern disciplinarian, but I think he was a jock, because he was in the military and he used cool pens to make maps. I inherited those pens.

That house was a not fun place to visit.

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