Friday, April 19, 2013

My Twins and Why They Rule

Today is the 13th birthday of Alex and Isabel, who are the best couple of kids a dude could ask for. 

Here they are as  babies. Sometimes they would sleep. 
Here they are as chubs. I don't know why I can't find a color picture of this. Alex has a big round head like me, and Izzy looks more like Mandoo. 
They were such cute babies, we were worried that they would grow up and be not-cute kids, as is so often the case. Luckily they retained their looks. 
Look at them. They're precious. THey like to play together and fight each other and pose for pictures together. 
Here they are eating food and smiling.

Alex is a gamer. Once he beat me at a video game that he was playing while he vacuumed.

They like to smile and laugh and take care of their little brother. 

Here's Isabel being a music stand. Now she plays the violin, and uses a music stand for a music stand. 

Happy birthday, chickens! You make me happy as the summer's wind!


Katy said...

So cute! They are adorable! Happy Birthday Isabel and Alex!

mandi said...

Love these pictures. Love these kids. Love this post.