Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Steaming Toxic Fecal Mound that is Just Like Heaven

"Oh, this is a nice cover of a song I like by a band I like" you might say as you hear Katie Melua sing through the opening credits. Beware. Soon you will hate the song and anything else associated with this movie. You might enjoy Mark Ruffalo, as I once did, but even he now hates himself for being in this movie. Just look at his face on the cover of the dvd. That "working-through-a-dookie" face is him saying "I know. I'm sorry."

I can't say how I liked the middle part, cause I walked out when he decides to do a seance, and I returned when he was giving her mouth-to-mouth in the hospital in front of everyone. Mandi filled me in that a lot of things happened, like her being a spirit of a comatose body that has amnesia, and when she goes back into the body, her spirit has amnesia. And her spirit possessed the guy at one point and made him act like an ass in a bar and save a life. This is what they've given us to enjoy as an audience.

Witherspoon, spend some time away from a camera for a few years, take care of your kid. Work for some charities. Maybe then God will forgive you for this movie.

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