Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to Design the Awesomest Logo in the Universe

Me and John wrote an article for We're trying to do our part to help the world look nicer.


Joel said...

I was telling my daughter how often the Papyrus font is used. She didn't believe me. Now she sees it everywhere. But only because I point it out to her whenever I see it in order to prove I'm right.

heidi said...

That is awesome. Have you talked to Gary about the swoosh? It gets him all in a tizzy.

Nice job.

I swear, I fill that stupid word verification thing in wrong almost every time!!

DFB said...

This guy said:

"At first I thought this was a joke. Being a graphic designer, my best advice is for everybody to steer clear of this advice. Logo design requires research and creative thought…it’s not a swoosh here and fancy font with as much detail as you can fit kind of work. This is all horrible advice..and by the way, use Adobe Illustrator, not Microsoft Word."

And the reason he said it was because he first thought that this was a joke but then came to realize how it's not.

brfmtne: "The surgical removal of ones sense of irony"

Montgomery Q said...

He went through that entire article and came to the conclusion that the article's advice was serious.

I was hoping there would be a few people that would take it seriously, and that those people would make an indignant comment. Happy day. Hope there's more. That kind of comment is more beautiful than the article itself.

Joel said...