Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chet the Vet

Maybe Chet leave. Doctor never coming to fix Chet's hand.
Chet like office, though. Noone see what Chet finds in beard. 

*RING* Hi, This Chet. Me Doctor today.

A what?! OK, sure, Chet meet you in white room. 

Dog puking, and no doctors! What Chet supposed to do?

Jeeves, how Chet fix dog puking?

Yes, this dog. Dog sick? Chet doctor. Chet fix dog. 

What you feed dog? You check dog bum? You get Chet sandwich? Chet check dog bum.

Dog bum filthy. Chet clean out with finger.

Why you puke dog? 

Tell Chet why puke...

Dog stupid. Chet give dog antiemetics and recommend boiled potatoes and rice to nice man. Chet real doctor today!

Maybe Chet go to human doctor.


Joel said...

ghb. That dog is an idiot.

mandi said...

Does Chet have girlfriend?

Joel's Other Sister said...

Yes. Me.

Curt Jensen said...

You are hilarious! Thanks for sharing the story of Chet.