Friday, May 31, 2013

New and Improved Blog Schedule

Monday: Logo Appreciation Day

Tuesday: iStock Saga

Wednesday: Clients I Love/Want to Smash with a Shovel

Thursday: iStock Saga

Friday: What's Happening

That way this blog will be run like a tightly run ship. Hey, it's Friday!

Picture this car, but with BusinessLogos branding all over it. My BL partner bought me this car, and I love it a lot.

Let's skip the part about WHY it broke down. It just did. And the insurance will pay for it to be fixed, so I'm in the middle of that. I'm proud of State Farm for working with me to get this thing running. The major headache has been finding an honest mechanic that has my best interests in mind. This is like searching for a black cat in a sea of black skunks, as the old saying goes.

So there's that weighing on me. Luckily I have coworkers that are nice and live nearby and drive me to work.

On the home front, Oliver got baptized, and I've been having trouble sleeping. What helps is medication or watching the latest season of Arrested Development. Sorry, it's not as good...and it's not that my expectations were too high. It's that people are acting way out of their established character, and  there's too much focus on my least favorite character and actor, George Sr.

I just unleashed an enormous fart as I was setting up a photo shoot. Too bad the closest co-worker was wearing headphones. I let them know what they missed.

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Joel said...

Maybe you could keep a fart log on your blog. Then we could all know the time, density and fetidity of your many farts.