Friday, May 10, 2013

Frank, the Chicken Addict

Uh-huh. That's right. A chicken. Hold on a sec.
Hi there, I'm Frank. Those are my co-workers back there. Do you think they're working hard, or hardly working? Ha!
But seriously. I'd like to tell you about an little obsession I have. I like chickens. I mean, a lot.

Here's an example of how happy I would be if I was holding or looking at a chicken right now. 
My thumb would go up in approval of it, even if it was an ugly chicken. To me, they're all beautiful.

Pretty much my entire workday is spent showing people chickens I've found on the web. 
Go ahead, take a peek. I don't mind you watching me looking at chickens.

Sometimes I wonder if I like chickens TOO much. I've asked all my employees their opinion.

I don't have time to sit down. I just thought of chickens.

This is me teaching my son how to play the guitar.

Sometimes I'll take it and sing a song about chickens. 

My lady doesn't buy poultry, because she knows it would upset me. 

Let's see here...

That's right. Checkin out chickens. 

Can you imagine holding a fluffy white chicken in your hands right now? I can. 

Anyway, that's me and I'm lovin' it!


Joel said...

Ha! I don't mind you watching me looking at chickens!

Curt Jensen said...

I could read these iStock stories all day. I love it!